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Hello Families,

A little over a week ago, I never would have guessed that it would be the last time I would get to see the sweet faces of my preschoolers for several weeks.  Looking back, I wish I could have given each child one more smile and a hug before leaving school (…or, I guess, a fist bump or wave).  For now, I would like to share this blog as a resource for you and your child.  Along the right side of this home page, you will see a list of the following categories:  Activity Ideas, Community Activities/Events (obviously, there is a pause on this for now), Developmental Information, Reading/Books, Shopping Sites for Learning Toys, Sites for Parents, Sites for Students, and Visual Supports – Printables.  Each category contains links to websites, articles, activities, and other supports that may help you engage in communication-rich, naturalistic activities with your child during this interim break from school.  For preschoolers to have a robust communication environment, there does not have to be any “table-work” or “homework”.  Toys and books are their tools, playtime/clean-up/mealtime/bathtime/etc are their lessons, your home and yard are their classrooms, and you are their teachers!

Hoping for your safety and health,  Ms. Shauna



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